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Tony held what he considered an impressive glare, keeping an eye on everything Loki touched. He’d have everything triple checked after the god of melodrama left. Tony didn’t want to wake up one night to his monkey wrench trying to kill him.

"Yeah, it’s kinda a constant state of being. Something I can do for you?" Bad choice of words, but he wasn’t one for take-backsies.

"Merely bored…and I know your fairly good at providing entertainment." His grin grew, mockingly so, leaning back against a table and crossing his arms over his chest. 

Piercing green eyes remained on the inventor, completely unphased by his glare. “You don’t seem too pleased about my presence.” He cooed, taking it upon himself to examine his fingernails nonchalantly.

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Death via the Cap 2 trailer


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Open || Workshop Shenanigans


Tony ignored the stinging chemical taste of motor oil on his tongue, raking dirty fingers through his already chaotic hair and taking the wrench out of his mouth, dismantling the suit in front of his with a frustrated sigh.

The sounds of his annoyed muttering was drowned out completely by the pounding music, which was making the concrete floor vibrate under his shoes. He jumped as it suddenly cut out, turning around with a scowl to face the culprit. His ears were ringing- maybe continually turning it up had been a bad idea.

"Who let you in here?"

A sly smirk etched it’s way across his lips. “I did. Who else would?” Loki drawled, sliding his fingers carelessly off of the stereo. The demigod took a few strides forward, leaning in to examine the items laying scattered across the room.

"Interesting. So this is what you do all day. Simply be…mortal." His head tipped to the side as he straightened, long black hair falling over his shoulders before he brushed it back into place with his hand.  


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